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Client is suffering from whiplash and a concussion following a car accident. Client is on sick leave with symptoms like: impaired memory, difficulty concentrating, impaired vision, sound sensitive, trouble staying awake, nausea and migraines.
Testimonial: “ I feel great and am healthy. I am free from all symptoms. I actually feel twice as good as I did before the accident. Using hypnosis was like winning the lottery.”


Client is treating her diabetes with insulin (both tablets and injections) and measuring her blood sugar levels 3-4 times a day. Client has tried multiple diets over the past years.
Client has received: 2 sessions.
Testimonial: “I am starting to see the extra pounds coming off. I am no longer using insulin to treat my diabetes and I only have to measure my blood sugar levels every 2 weeks”


Pictures taken 1,5 months apart.

  • Female, 34, office worker
  • Treated for migraine and moderate overweight. She received a session for migraines, which she is almost free from, and additionally lost 17,6 lbs.
  • Stress treatment: She entered the treatment due to sick leave from work. After the second week she received a treatment and started work the next day. Now she is part of a working group that prevents stress and dissatisfaction at work.
  • The client’s statement: “I have suffered from migraines as long as I can remember, but after a single session of hypnosis I have experienced significantly fewer migraine attacks. After a case of stress, X (ed.) additionally helped me to get back to work again. I can only recommend it.”

Client has suffered from pollen allergy for 43 years and been on medication.
Testimonial: “I no longer take any form of medication for my allergy. I’m no longer allergic to pollen – it is completely gone”.


Client has been smoking since the age of 14.
Testimonial: “I feel incredible. All urges to smoke are gone. It feels great to be able to sit down and enjoy a lovely dinner with my husband without having to get up to go smoke. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that hypnosis has such a great effect – I never thought I’d see the day.”


Client was experiencing anxiety and fear of speaking in front of groups. This affected her at work in particular.
Testimonial: “After being hypnotized I felt completely different inside. During hypnosis I processed the fear of speaking in front of groups and for some reason the old feeling was just gone afterwards. The tools that were given to me under hypnosis still come up when I need them. Now I walk in to a meeting and I say what I want to say.”


Client has previously tried; nicotine patches, nicotine gum & acupuncture with no effect.
Testimonial: ”It feels like I’ve never even smoked. My cough is gone and I have so much more energy. The biggest difference is that I can be around smokers now, I don’t smell them and it’s like I don’t even see them.”


Client has seen a doctor with no result.
Testimonial: “I have no more hives and the pain is entirely gone. I highly recommend hypnosis to anyone”


Client is suffering from whiplash following a car accident.
Client has previously been treated by acupuncturists, physiotherapists and neurologists and with medical pain relievers with no effect.
Client was on sick leave but ended up losing her job.
Testimonial: “I feel fantastic and I’m free of pain. The biggest change for me is that I got my life back. I’m back to working full-time. I enrolled myself into a new education program. Overall I just feel amazing.”

  • Female, 38, realtor
  • Treated for obesity (BMI 35). The client received two treatments and is now 44lbs lighter.
  • The client’s statement: “After my first hypnosis session with you, I lost 11lbs within two weeks. It really works out 🙂 I am still losing weight and my reflection gets better for each day. My relationship to food has changed, especially the amount of meals is somewhat smaller. I get a great satiety faster than I have had in many years. GREAT. I can definitely recommend BUSINESS BETTERLIFE if you want to lose weight in a healthy way.”
  • Female, 30, on sick leave from warehouse work. She was smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day, and had repeated pneumonias.
  • Quit smoking treatment: The client received two sessions, and has been smoke free since then and is furthermore free from pulmonary symptoms.
  • The client’s statement: “Thank you so much for your help. You have helped me forget about smoking, forget the urge for cigarettes and made me quit the bad habit of smoking. I am free from my addiction to nicotine and everything else that has to do with cigarettes. I have a new life. One session with X (ed.) and I was smoke free, without problems. Imagine how easy it can be to become smoke free.”
  • Female, 45, in work trial after a serious accident with major damage. The client is taking different painkillers and is set for early retirement. She is requesting a job with fewer hours.
  • The client received three sessions. After the first session she stepped down the dose of medicine. After the third session her work improved and she got a job with fewer hours. 9 months later she has now reduced her weight with 17,4 lbs and is completely drug free.
  • The client’s statement: “Dear X (ed.). I consulted with you on a Thursday afternoon. Friday morning I took my last painkillers, and since then I have been entirely without pain, for 3 weeks now. It is absolutely fantastic. It feels like I ‘ve gotten my life back again. Over the last 5 years I have participated in various courses for pain management, taken different drugs and no one has been able to remove my pain. Thank you for what you are doing. “
  • Female, 49,
  • During her medical treatment, the client has consulted with many psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • She has stepped down the doses of medicine and has received 5 sessions of hypnotherapy over a period of 6 months.
  • The client’s statement: “I have gotten my life back. There is nothing more to say. I can definitely recommend using hypnosis therapy. But make sure that it is a professional therapist. You know it is better with BUSINESS BETTERLIFE.”
  • client-with-anxiety
    • Female, 37, on sick leave from her job as a nurse.
    • The client has tried several psychologists and most types of therapy.
    • She received 3 hypnosis sessions.
    • The client’s statement: “After the first treatment, I thought to myself “Have I lost my mind”. I felt very calm and had no trouble taking the bus home. This was previously unthinkable. Later, I participated in a course where I presented a small presentation for my colleagues. This would not have happened before the treatment, and it has continued like this ever since. I have NO anxiety attacks.”
    • Male, 44
    • The client has been diagnosed with diabetes and other physical disorders due to obesity and lack of exercise.
    • 5 sessions over 6 months resulted in a weight loss of 41,8lbs and a significant improvement in general health terms.
    • The client’s statements: “The treatment at BUSINESS BETTERLIFE has been fantastic. Not so much talk and emotions. It is success from day one. The only side effect I have had is that my wife now thinks that I am more attractive which is not the worst problem in the world.”
    • Female, 31
    • The client suffered from chronic pain in neck and back, resulting in a high level of sickness absence. She has been to pain clinics and is daily taking sedatives with little effect. She is on work trial and possibly set for early retirement.
    • After receiving 3 treatments and a course in self-hypnosis, she is now pain free and knows how individual pain can be treated with self-hypnosis.
    • The client’s statement: “Finally, I believe that I have a good working life ahead of me. I am slowly getting more hours at work, and I am counting on getting back to normal work hours soon.”
    • Male, 36
    • The client suffers from stress and repeated periods of sickness absence.
    • Received 3 sessions, a course in self-hypnosis and a follow-up of 6 months. The client got back to work one week after the first treatment and has worked since then.
    • The client’s statement: “I now have the tools I need when the job requires extra challenges from me. I love my job and especially now when I can meet the challenges that comes with it.”
    • Female, 32
    • The client suffers from stress, depression, anxiety and conflicts with colleagues. She has considered early retirement.
    • Received 5 sessions but already after the first session she felt a noticeable change for the better.
    • The client’s statement: “Not since my teenage years have I felt this great. And meanwhile I have gained insight into the cause of my problems. Thank you. I no longer have to find answers in therapy or other psychological treatments.”
    • Male, 41,
    • The client live a very active life and has many things going on. He does not like to take sleeping pills and wakes up many times during the night. He travels a lot on business trips and has difficulty falling asleep.
    • Received 2 sessions where the “sleeping stress” was removed and he was taught self-hypnosis.
    • The client’s statement: “Thank you for two amazing sessions. It was better than anything else I’ve tried. After the first session I had a headache and I had difficulty sleeping that night. But since then I have had no problems falling asleep and sleeping through the whole night. And it means that I have much more energy during the day. It is invaluable that I have learned self-hypnosis and I am starting to apply it to other issues. Among other things, I use self-hypnosis when I go to an important meeting. It strengthens me, and my thoughts are more calm and I am more eager to pursue my goals.”
    • Male, 56,
    • The client has been smoking for 40 years, from 20 to 40 cigarettes daily, and has never taken a break from it.
    • Received 2 sessions but was smoke free after the first session, and has furthermore lost 85,8lbs within 8 months.
    • The client’s statement: “It works fine without cravings or discomfort. Easier than I thought. I am very pleased with the weight loss too. THANK YOU!”

    Boy, age 12, wets the bed.

    The family had tried every conceivable means but after 2 sessions with BUSINESS BETTERLIFE the boy was completely dry. At the same time he received an Mp3 file with SUPER BOOST for Kids.

    Girl, age 9, beats up other kids in school.

    Received 3 sessions where, after both conversation and hypnosis, she began to see herself in a more positive way. She learned to stay calm in situations where she did not get her way.”

    Girl, age 5, does not want to sleep alone in his own bed.

    Received one session with hypnosis and fairytales. At the same time her parents were taught how to be consistent in a more positive way.

    Girl, age 9, who is afraid of trying things in amusement parks.

    Received one session and her mother received a talk about how to “motivate your child to get more courageous.” Statement from the mother: “She is enjoying herself very much these days. We were in an amusement park on Sunday and she was eager to try some things that she had not tried before. Trine is a lot more happy now, and it has been a huge success after a session with you.”

    Girl, age 17, with sudden performance anxiety.

    The client collapsed in the studio where she was going to record a song. Received one session and a course in self-hypnosis. Now she is working in America as an artist.

    Boy, age 18, with anxiety attacks in sport tournaments.

    Received two sessions and took a course in self-hypnosis and is now completely cured.


    We have evaluations of 46 young people who have all received treatments for exam anxiety. ALL have undergone examination without difficulty and most of them have improved their grades. Several have gotten top scores.

    In our healthcare team we also have therapists who are trained family counselors and educators. It is our experience that family problems have a significant impact on sickness absence.