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Do you struggle with?

Addiction – Weight Management – Anxiety – Stress – Motivation – Sleep Problems – Pain Management – Fears – Phobias – Smoking – ADHD – OCD – Panic Attacks – Cancer Treatment – Anger Management – Relationships – Negative Thinking – Study Skills – Memory – Self Confidence – Creative Block – much more

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Hello, I’m Zanne Bech

M.S. Health Pshychology

ByBetterlife LLC is founded by Ms. Zanne Bech, M.S. in Health Psychology. Ms. Zanne Bech has more than 35 years of experience in Denmark as an addiction and family counselor and National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certified consulting hypnotist.

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What is ByBetterlife’s philosophy?

We are not like everyone else! We don’t analyze illnesses and problems. WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM. WE CREATE CHANGE QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY, using the newest methods within hypnotherapy. Browse around the platform and explore the possibilities with our mp3 hypnosis audio files. ByBetterlife aims to create well-being, sooth symptoms and decrease sick leave.
We want to create good energy and remove ailments, bad habits and negative thoughts.

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Click on Customize MP3 button and send us a request. We will customize an MP3 especially for you